Bathroom Occupancy Remote Awareness Technology (BORAT)! Never knock again.

Hello Fellow Arduinians!

A great company where I work, with all of it’s 35 people, recently moved to a new office which has only two single-occupancy bathrooms, each on a separate floor.

A few times a day, when the need was strong, I’d go to the downstairs bathroom only to find its door locked. I’d then run upstairs and find the other one locked too… Damn! I’d come back down only find out that someone else grabbed the first bathroom while I was upstairs. Argh!

You can likely see how this could be a frustrating and disruptive experience even just once or twice. Now multiply that by 35 employees and every work day of the year, and you end up with an actual productivity problem.

Given my foray into Arduino over the last few months, I knew I could come up with a solution. I got approved for a small budget of about $200, and started looking around.

The problem was very simple: people needed to know when each bathroom was occupied, or not. Just like on an airplane you can see bathroom light on/off, I wanted something similar for our two bathrooms. Something everyone could see.

Read the full story on the blog post here:

Download software, box designs, libraries here:

It would be awesome if someone built more of these!

Would love some feedback too!
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I'd have gone with some kind of switch in the door lock, so when it's locked, you know someone's in there from a light coming on. (Just like on an aeroplane, where you can see the toilets' occupancy status from your seat.)

Door lock switch would have been the simplest solution, if it were possible, but it's a rented building and we have no authority to change door locks, especially with something that's connected to electricity :slight_smile:

So think of this solution is when you can't touch the doors :slight_smile:


Just updated the original post with the blog article:

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