Batteries for arduino uno, Dc motors, servos and geared motor

Hi, We are currently building some motors with arduino uno for school's project. And we are new to this kind of thing.The problem now is the power source capacity, and the wiring that needed to power up all of it. is 4x AA battery enough to power up one arduino uno, and 2 regular DC motors (with 400RPM, +-5W, 12V, torque 0.8-6kgfam), 2 S03T-STD servos and 1 HN-35GBJ-125IT geared motor?

0) You are not "building motors", you are building a project with motors.

  1. Regulator used on the Uno sucks (there are far better ones, but Arduino chose not to use them), and has ~2v dropout, so you can't get the full 5v from 6 using the regulator. There are no shortage of workarounds here, though.

  2. You want to power two 12v DC motors you say - but you're using a 6v power source. I don't think the batteries could take the current if you used a boost converter to get 12v.

They may work on 6v, but you'd have to try it and see how well they worked.
I'd be inclined to use 6 AA's (for 9v, which is likely to work*) or 8 (for 12v)

    • note that the "9v" batteries will not work - they're made up of 6 itty bitty cells inside that case, so the current handling is crap and the output voltage will sag like a wet noodle when you turn on the motors.

Hi, thanks for replying. So what you said is using 8 pcs 1.5V batteries for each DC motor?
How about the servos and the geared motor. should i give them another separated battery?