Battery question

Hi, I am looking for some li-ion battery online. There are 4 pack -4 AA size batteries a pack. The seller state s
3.6 volt 3400mAH. Does it mean 3.6V for each battery or does it mean 3.6V for the pack (All 4 batteries?)


Single Cell LiPo Batteries are 3.7V. If they are 4 used or assembled in parallel, its still 3.7V. Since they say nothing about 14V... they must be parallel. If is VERY unlikely that a single AA size is 3400maH.

If packed in series, you need a balance cable attached as well, if they are remain in series while being charged. 4 batteries in series would be 4 x 3.7V... 14.8 V or so.

Best guess, is that it is 4 parallel batteries for more current capacity, hence the high 3400mAh rating.

can you post the link of the mentioned product? by AA size you mean 14500 battery pack?

Usually a single 14500 battery comes in min 600mA to max 1200mAh per cell. So if the product is described 3400mAh, it will be most likely parallel pack(3400/4 = 850mA per cell) sounds genuine to me.

and they are not really AA sized

and they are not really AA sized

This one is

This ain't

Actually the dimensions of an unprotected 14500 battery are exactly the same as a AA battery (14 mm × 50mm)