Battery switch in custom board

Hi there, as I said in a previous post... I bought a new robot that I received yesterday.
I assemblee it yesterday and it asks for very specific batteries (14500,3.7v), I already have this battery, which is 7.4v and wanted to ask how I could connect it to the board as it is customised for the batteries.

The one on the right is the battery I'd like to put in

The number, 14500, is they physical size of each cell. The cells are connected in series to get the desired voltage. Obviously, your battery has more than the required number of cells. Unless you want to get a new robot, DO NOT use your battery pack.

Really? It's hard to see, but it looks like two 14500's, that would be 7.4V if in series... but it does seem like a big effort compared with just using the right batteries...

And the two cells are pointing in different directions, which probably means they are wired in series.

But the 14500 3.7 batts I found just now are Li-Ion chemistry, on the same hand (or is it the other) you can use the same charge to 4.2 per cell charger with either chemistry.

It is probably but not certain that the Lipo substitute would be able to supply enough current under load.

So while it would be best to stick with the specified cells, I would hazard a guess that the lipo would be fine…

Tinkering with the battery wiring of either type is not for the faint of heart.

My conclusion: if you had to ask, you are not qualified to proceed.



Well, if this is in any possible way related to the previous post, it should have been attached to that post, not made a new post.

Point is as you have given absolutely no useful information about this robot we are in no position to suggest anything other than using the correct battery. :roll_eyes:

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