Beginner needs basic help

So I have done this simple code with continuous rotation servos

#include <Servo.h>
Servo servoLW;

void setup() {
servoLW.attach(9); // Attaches servoLW to pin 9

The servo does everything in the code nicely but then the servo continues to repeat the servoLW.write(180) afterwards.

What have I done wrong???

You mean it keeps doing full speed in the 180 direction or is it looping through the whole process?

It goes full speed in the same direction for about 3 secs, then stops for about 3 secs, and repeats that over and over.

Is that the entirety of your actual code?
Maybe it still needs a
void loop(){

even if you have nothing in it.

As for the behavior you want- spin one direction for 3 seconds, spin the other direction for 3 seconds, and THEN stop for good?

Yes thats the entire code. I thought once it ran what I wanted it to, it would just come to a stop forever.

I'm unsure of what i would put in the loop to fix this, any suggestions?

Without the loop() it crashes and restarts ..?? (Weird though).

How can the sketch compile without loop()?

Good question. Won't compile on my Sketch.