Beginners tutorials?


So i spend most of my time looking around at computer components on sparfun and taydaelectronics and such although I find that I don't understand alot.
Especially on Instructables.

Are there any basic guides and tutorials and such that would go through the basics of a circuit (resistance, capacitation, power, etc.) and also the basics of communication between microcontrollers and recieving data and such?

Thanks in advance!

Try this one
I think it covers a lot of what you're asking.

Okay i'll start from the beginning.

The project of the single flashing led, in the tutorial you said, they have a 150 ohm resistor with the LED.
I've done the same project on the arduino using the integrated resistor with pin 13.
I'm wondering why 150 ohm? Why not 490 ohm, or something else? Wheres the math?

EDIT: Nvm i found the math. WOW this tutorial is great!! especially with explaining the 74HC595 Shift Registar

Yes. And the "integrated resistor with pin 13" is only for the onboard resistor, ALL external LEDs need their own current limit resistor.