Best Arduino for data transfer?

I am currently working on a robotics project that will utilize the nRF24L01+ Wireless AddiKit from I would like my PC to receive the transmitted data; however, it seems as though there is no way to get around using an Arduino as an interface between the wireless chip and my PC. What, then, is the right Arduino to use for the fastest data transfer rate?

All help is greatly appreciated!

Quick edit (13:57 PST): The sole purpose of the Arduino connected to my PC would be to host the nRF24L01 and transfer the data it receives to an application I have written. No extra bells and whistles necessary.

My part # DE4502 (AI Thinker XD-81) should help you out bypass Arduino and do RF transmission direct from PC.

Unfortunately I am told these parts have been discontinued so whats left that’s it :frowning:

Anything with a native USB interface is a good choice. You can expect about 12Mbps. I like these...

Any old Arduino will work fine up to 1Mbps (probably 2Mbps) as long as you choose a clock-speed-friendly bit rate.