Best devices and/or project sample for pulling IMU data

I'm new to Arduino, looking to learn through testing a project related to pulling IMU data into the cloud.

Is there a recommended Arduino and IMU to start with? Perhaps a good sample project?

Considering the Uno Rev3 w/ MPU6050 and project Getting started with IMU (6 DOF) motion sensor - Arduino Project Hub

Also considering MKR1000 with Alzheimer's Assistant - Arduino Project Hub

Thank you

What sort of IMU data, at what sampling rates?

There is no such thing as a "cloud". There is only somebody elses computer. So why don't you transfer data onto your own computer first - especially if you are a beginner?

Very good point, yes you are right. Getting the data to my computer will work. Sorry for the confusion, yet thanks for the reply.

Regarding what data to pull and what sample rate...

I'm going to shock you with my lack of knowledge and newness...

I'd like to pull the accelerometer data (accel sensor x, y z) and gyroscope (ypr).

Regarding sample rate. I don't really know how to clarify that. How fast can I reasonably get, and not lost accuracy?

Just do it and come back when you encount a real problem. But please start reading the datasheet first.

We strongly recommend to work through a few of the tutorials that come with Arduino. Learn to blink an LED without using delay, read a voltage, a switch or a sensor, etc. That way you learn the language and special features of Arduino and avoid endless frustration.

For a first project, interfacing an IMU with a 5V Arduino has some additional special problems: logic voltage levels may not be compatible so you may need a logic level shifter.

It is pretty easy to destroy Arduinos and sensor modules by sloppy wiring, inappropriate connections, wrong voltage levels, short circuits and the like.