Best Folder for Arduino IDE on Linux?

Before I extract and install the downloaded Arduino IDE on my Linux Mint v20 machine...

I read in the "Install Instructions" at...

Extract the package
The file is compressed and you have to extract it in a suitable folder, remembering that it will be executed from there.

The Question: What is the best location for the Arduino IDE folder on the Linux machine?

I ask because on Windows I've installed programs with a long path
only later to realize that I had to often that entire path for whatever...
And putting the program folder on the Desktop is convent but then the Desktop gets cluttered.

And, I'm unsure where programs normally live on Linux (Mint)

Thanks for any help.

You could try "RaspberryPi".

Or "ESP32."

Or "STM32".

Or a folder named "Arduino"?

I just put it wherever. Never had a problem.

There are three or four traditional locations to install executables on Linux. You can waste quite some time trying to understand it. I believe that in this case /opt is the most appropriate, but could be wrong about that.

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