Best PC Ambilight yet.

I am pretty satisfied of my latest implementation of the Ambilight using WS2812 strip.

There are a lot of implementations from various users but this one works really well and it offers the "complete ecosystems" for the purpose by giving you a Home Assistant Package (optional not required), a microcontroller scheme with Arduino compatible software and a PC software for screen recording.

ESP8266 and ESP32 are cheap, fast and have built in wifi, this is the reason why I choosed those microcontrollers for the first implementations.

I organized the code and the portability between microcontrollers using my Arduino Bootstrapper Library.

Arduino Bootstrapper Library

Here you can find the electric scheme on how to connect the LED strip to your microcontroller and the software ready to be installed on the microcontroller.

PC Ambilight for ESP8266/ESP32

And here you can find the Java software that must run on your PC. This software have a really fast screen grabber (faster than every other software I tried until now) that sends the color information displayed on your monitor to the microcontroller that sends this info to the led strip producing this wonderful result:

PC Ambilight in action on YouTube

If you like it, try it and share your feedback :slight_smile: