Best way to provide a Positive 12V

What is the best way to achive a positive 12v signal using arduino as controller?

I'm thinking about using a PNP transistor to use as a switch, so the idea is when the PNP transistor base goes 0v it activate the load.

I think this will work, but when I want to turn off the curcuit, I could change the pin to 1 (HIGH), and I think 5v is not enough to turn the transistor off.

My idea is change pin mode to INPUT when I want to power the circuit off, so the pullup R1 will change the transistor base to 12V.

And when I want to turn the circuit on, I change pin mode to OUTPUT and use DigitalWrite 0

Will it work?



Information you did not provide:

  • What is the load?
  • Why do you need to control it?
  • Why do you need to switch the "high" side?
  • Do you need PWM?

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Have a good read of the link.

This link?

The schematic is a link.

It's a great link too. I'm the click from yesterday.

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