Big font on character LCD version 2, now in library

After some revision, here is my version 2 shown on a 20X4 character LCD, works on other sizes too but 20X4 is big and makes lots of nice shows.

A couple of sample pictures:


The code and the example from the videos, with instructions are all posted on my blog:

That inversed one is really hard to read :stuck_out_tongue:

That inversed one is really hard to read :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a perk, which I wish HD44780 had for regular characters, you can see inverted characters after reading inverted for a while but they're poor to begin with. The best inverted characters are displayed using rows 1 and 2, while rows 0 and 3 are filled black boxes, like the hello. The point of the big fonts is to be able to see the normal characters from far away.

The point of the big fonts is to be able to see the normal characters from far away.

Still not convinced by the inverted ones.

I need to write myself some for numbers only - Hopefully I can think up a nice font for it.

The inverted fonts are NOT good! :smiley:

If you have a 20X4 display you could probably use all 4 rows to display 4 numbers in good resolution, with 57 dot matrix font. With two rows and three columns it's the best I could come up with, which is 35 dot matrix font.

Nahh it's just a 16x2 and you will be reading it from 500mm away or so but for it still needs big numbers :slight_smile:

Seen any good curvy large number fonts? - numbers only...

If all you need is numbers, you can start from this one from contest:

You only have 8 choices of building blocks plus blank and black. I went and created a 3*5 font so I can do all characters not just numbers, which makes the numbers look less good.

Yeah I did remember and go on a hunt for this:
Going to take a look at your character print functions though :slight_smile:

Yeah I did remember and go on a hunt for this:
Going to take a look at your character print functions though :slight_smile:

You're welcome to take it and replace my dot matrix shapes and character definitions from mine and replace with yours.

I had a play with yours and couldn't get it to work on my 16x2 - is it a bit funny about long cables? (normal LCD stuff only just works) or might I have been doing something wrong.

I'll try on my 16x4 later (which isn't on a long cable :stuck_out_tongue: )


The sample code is for 204 only, it will mess up on your 162 or 16*4. I'll update my code to do 20X4 and 16X2 once I get some time.

Cable could be a problem but how long is yours? I used some 9" cable I cut out of a floppy cable and it works fine.

Well I did modify your code and it still didn't want to work - I think I might have done something wrong somewhere though.

My cable is ahem about 4 foot :stuck_out_tongue:


I've updated my library to have a define to enable 16X2 display demo and 20X4 display demo:

The library is the same, just the sample code showcase V3 includes basic features for 16X2 display as well flashy features for 20X4 display.

Give it a try.

BTW, my record is 18 inches of 40-wire IDE hard drive wire. The display is flawless. I don't have anything 4 foot long LOL

Haha I'll give it a try - thanks.

I'm only wanting to display numbers and a decimal point (for temperature display on a 16x2), is it possible to change the custom characters used in the library for a "rounded style"? - I haven't quite got my head around libraries yet...

Actually not possible. I made a trade off ugly looking for displaying all symbols. Each character is a 3*5 matrix of dots so you can't have one dot that is rounded on the bottom left and another on top left. There are other libraries out there that only do numbers with rounded corners and possibly dot and colon. Good luck!

I found a nice font (actually a few) but, for my coding skills they're not really usable.

I want to be able to, effectively, do

bigLcd.print((char)223); // nice but optional
bigLcd.print ('C'); // nice but optional

within the sketch to display a temperature reading. Everything I've found so far takes individual numbers, breaks them up into bytes and calls them that way (as far as I can tell) and that's just way too complicated for me to fathom out - that's why I was looking for a library.

I understand. My library is offering that (send string to display) but font isn't too good looking. Have you looked at my super font with 5 lines width? It looks better but needs 20x4 display for 3 characters.