Bitcoin Donations

I reached your donation page and would have donated, but I didn’t see the option!

Would be really easy to set up. Much easier for me to use that rather than paypal or a credit card!

Thanks for the great work you guys do!

Exactly my thoughts! Just wanted to donate a little bit, but getting and using PayPal or CreditCards is much more hassle for me than posting a BTC donation address would be for you!

I agree that would be a good thing for Arduino to do. I know that Adafruit accepts bitcoin payments. You could buy an Arduino board from them, a portion of the sale will go to Arduino and you'll get an Arduino for your donation.

Another way to donate to Arduino without using PayPal, etc. is to give some of your time/knowledge to the project:

  • Submit a pull request fixing one of the outstanding issues in the IDE issue tracker.
  • Do beta testing of the IDE hourly build and report issues you find(make sure they haven't already been reported first though).
  • Edit or add content to the Arduino Playground wiki.
  • Edit the Arduino GitHub wiki.
  • Help people here on the Arduino Forum, Arduino Stack Exchange, etc.
  • Write and publish an Arduino library or sketch.
  • Contribute code to a 3rd party Arduino project.