BLE Reading a characteristic having only "notify" properties

Hello everyone,

I am trying to read the data emitted by a powertap cycling power meter. It is a device attached on the wheel of a bicycle that emits in BLE ( GATT Service 1818).

I managed to connect the board to the powermeter and get some informations (i can read the services and characteristics the power meter provides, I did it using the "Peripheral Explorer" from the "BLE Example" library. However, I can't go any further, as the characteristic I am trying to read is "Notify" only. (it is characterisitc 2A63 : cycling power measurment).

At first I would think it is a dead end, but using Matlab 2020a and my computer BLE hardware I could read this specific characteristic. (and plot it's values in real time)

Is there a way to read this characteristic with the Arduino ?

Also, I found no examples of reading data from sensors on the ArduinoBLE page of the Arduino website. All the examples are about LEDs that only have very simple services and characteristics. If someone has a good one that could help me, I would appeciate a lot.

Thanks a lot

PS: I am not sure the post belongs here, please kindly redirect me if it does not.

Power Meter : Power Tap G3
Board : Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
Skills : Beginner in Bluetooth and Arduino