Bluetooth communication using HID with my phone

My problem is to be able to read through a serial barcode reader and then send the data to my tablet using bluetooth. I initially used the HC-05 module but this device does not implement HID and therefore I had to use one
bluetooth serial to test the project. My ultimate goal is for the tablet to recognize the arduino (via bluetooth) as an input device / keyboard. Wonder if it is possible to implement this functionality.

There are Arduino Bluetooth HID, you just have to search for that specifically:

I have already checked the features of the device and they would actually solve my problems, however the device on has been retired and in other sites is out of production. This is why I ask if there are other devices on the market that would solve my problem

Here is a link to a video which shows how to reflash the HC05 with the firmware from an RN42 which does support HID.

Turn your HC-05 into a HID Bluetooth device

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thanks for your answer. I had also found this solution but I should test it because the fact of soldering on the hc-05 device does not convince me. I would be interested in having everything integrated already in one device. Reading on the internet I read that there are dispositvi but I would need help to buy the right one.

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