Bluetooth Interface using a USB Dongle

Hi, Just a casual thought,... Since bluetooth modules are costly,but Bluetooth USB Dongles arent (relatively),is it possible to use them(Bluetooth USB dongles) for Bluetooth comm ?

Similarly for WiFi dongles…or even for that matter,USB->Ethernet dongles??

It has been done - I'll try and find the link - but is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

You need to use something like the USB host shield (, implement some of the USB protocol, implement some of a bluetooth stack etc. etc.

If you can get away with only using the serial port profile then there are other options:

Bluetooth Bee $23.50 could probably be made to work without an xBee.

An SPP Bluetooth module $14ish could be adapted into your own circuit (with 5v -> 3.3v conversions etc.), IF you can solder better than I managed.