bluetooth rc car with hc-05 and hc-sr04 sensor

hi every body :)

so I'm really new to arduino. I'll explain a little i bought a arduino uno R3, a L298N motor controller, a HC-05 and a couple of HC-sr04.

My goal in the end is to make a robot car for my daughter the car i already have its a 12v. car. But that is for the future.

Becourse i'm very new at this all i'd like to start small so for now i've been playing with leds and some PWM motor controlling its all going fine. I've been following tutorials on youtube and here on

So now i got a small rc car witch i'd like to control with android via Bluetooth. i know there are a lot of how-to's on the web but i cant find a how to that fits my needs. so the point is that i can drive the rc car with two motors one for drive (PWM) forward and reverse and second for left right. but i'd like to use the HC-SR04 Ultra Sonic sensor like a emergency brake system.

So wat i'm asking from you all is some help in the right direction. Some good sites, scripts or just some tips on how to search to get me going.

later i'll be posting pictures if your all interested.

thank you in advanced.

So wat i'm asking from you all is some help in the right direction.

I bought a couple of sheets of aluminum and some bolts and a pile of assorted steel. I've never even seen a mill or lathe before, but I want to build a car to compete in this year's Indianapolis 500. Can you help?

That is what you are asking. There are MANY parts to this project. Building an Android app to send data is a huge hurdle. Programming the Arduino connect to the bluetooth device, and have it properly pair with the phone is not trivial. Making the Arduino understand what the phone is sending is not trivial. Making the motors move appropriately is next up, but shouldn't me all that hard, IF you have the appropriate motor driver shield, connected to the proper pins, with the proper voltage and current capable power supply.