Bluetooth shield for Arduino Uno

Looking for a Bluetooth shield for my two Unos.
There are two mentioned in Bluetooth Modules for Arduino | Into Robotics

I have been using the HC-05 with the Uno, but I now prefer an all-in-one solution.

So are you asking us to make the choice for you?
The Itead is just an HC-05 stuck on a Uno shield. It has prototyping space included, which may be the best thing about it, and may even justify the eye-watering price.
The RN42 shield doesn't, and it has an RN42 on it.
Now take a deep breath and make a choice for yourself.

One little precaution before you do. I had a shield over the top of an HC-0x on a shield, and it would not work. I took it out and reverted to flying leads and it was fine.

Where did I write I wanted someone else to make a choice for me?

I don't even know what the choices are in the Arduino universe hence the question.