Bluetooth/Wifi Steering Wheel Controls

I am working on a vehicle project for which I have built an F1 style steering wheel. It has multiple push buttons (both latching and momentary) and three pots. I will be using the buttons for things like turn signals, flash to pass, etc. And the pots to control the HVAC. The problem, of course, is running enough hard wires from the rotating steering wheel to the (non-rotating) vehicle.

I was thinking of using an Arduino in the steering wheel, and connected to the buttons and switches, to control a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi relay module in the dash.

But this seems to be the opposite of everything I can find online - i.e., controlling an Arduino that is hardwired to the relay module with an Android (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I suppose it might take two Arduinos, and that's fine, but I don't really know where to start.


You can put one Arduino into the steering wheel, and let it communicate with a second one by as few wires as possible. The minimum is 2 for power and 2 for Serial or I2C, or a few more for SPI. There are "highly flexible" cables usable for such a connection.

Thanks, Dr!