BMP280 Air Pressure sensor with 5V arduino

I am planning to use a BMP280 Barometric sensor with a 5V Arduino, the spec of the sensor says it's 3.3V. I read somewhere this this will be OK if the sensor module has Level Convertors! How do I know if the module has these?


Show us a photo of both sides or give a link to where you bought it.

Can you see the sensor, it is the metal box with a hole in it.
A black component with 5 pins is a voltage regulator.
When there are a level shifters, then there are two 3-pin components and four resistors (often 10k).

You could also by a good module that works with 3.3V and 5V boards:

Or even better: use a 3.3V Arduino board :smiley:

Thanks for the reply, I have not bought the sensor yet, i need to know if it has level convertors before I buy it. I am using the 5V Arduino as the supply to it will be 5V from a R/C receiver.

So maybe you could consider using a BME280 which has an additional humidity sensor.

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