BMP280 (HW-611 E/P 280) library/sensor fault


I have the HW-611 E/P 280 sensor which is labeled as a BMP280 and currently tried both Adafruit and SparkFun libraries for it with i2c connection (on addr 0x76 - detected by the scanner) but i still have the "No BMP280 sensor found, check wiring' . The wiring is 100% correct (VCC to 3.3, GND to GND, SDA to SDA to SDA, SCL to SCL - tried with A ports, same thing- ).

How can I resolve this issue? I've been google-ing it for 2 days already...

Have a look here

Hi timurmengazi,

Most BMP280 libraries use I2C address 0x77 as the default, this requires the SDO line to be pulled high.

However on your board it looks like the SDO line is pulled low with a pull-down resistor, this sets the BMP280 device's I2C address to 0x76.

The solution is to either connect the SDO line to 3.3V (VCC), or start/modify your BMP280 library to use the alternate 0x76 address.

simply replaced status = bmp.begin(); by status = bmp.begin(0x76);

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