BMP280 test - 'Could not find a valid BMP280 sensor, check wiring or try a different address!'

Hi there,

Hardware: Arduino uno (2 Elegoo uno R3)

I followed this guys video: BMP280 Barometric pressure and temperature sensor with Arduino - YouTube

Which was super helpful and I managed to get the I2C scanner to pick up 2 device locations for the BMP280 sensor: 0x68 and 0x76

I changed these locations as the guy said in the: Adafruit_BMP280_Library/Adafruit_BMP280.h at master · CJ-create/Adafruit_BMP280_Library · GitHub file in my documents, but still nothing on the serial. I am very new to everything arduino so this is difficult for me. i had a faff around with the file, deleting and redownloading it as i couldn’t save the file when edited from program files due to administrative access being denied. So i deleted it and re-downloaded it and changed it in my documents. Unsure if the library location in my files is the issue?

Here are some hardware photos:

can anyone help?

Hi, welcome to this forum.

Can you tell which module and which prototype board you have. Preferably with links to where you bought them.

I suggest to use the original Adafruit library:
It comes with examples. Those examples send some text to the serial monitor in setup(). You should see something in the serial monitor.

There is some confusion about those modules in the last months. They are sometimes sold with a different sensor. You might not have a BMP280 sensor.

Which operating system do you use ?

By the way, this forum is family-friendly, could you edit your post please ?

Hi Koepel,

Thank you for your feedback. I have asked my lecturer for the links to the prototypes.

Also apologies for my language, post has been edited. I will reply with more info when i get a reply from my lecturer.


I had similar issues. I found the I2C and SPI would not work “as is”. Full details of how I finally got it working on my page here

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