BNO055 based boards, pinouts etc.


I have couple of attitude boards including couple of BNO055 based.
I got them from aliexpress and half of them didnt work (just until yesterday when I find out some info I will share)

CJMCU-055 - this board didnt work at all - not recognized on i2c (I used i2c scanner ino) then I found info that board has two jumper soldering pads (marked as S0 and S1). both need to be bridged to minus - I did that and board start working properly.

GY-BNO055 -same story as above - board has two jumper pads (those solder blobs nest to x/y/z mark) that need to be bridged - my board came with both opened - working fine now.

GY-955 board worked but was stopping after 10-15 seconds. I found info that two last pinouts SR and SI need to be connected to ground - board start working properly

CJMCU-055-9dof (BMX055) - this one is not working yet and its the one I need some help with. Maybe some of pins on this board need to be connected together or to ground like with gy-955...

Can any one help me out with some info about pins on this board? I know first four...

Thank you very much.