Board identity changed after uploading via Arduino Cloud

Can the Arduino Cloud accidentally change the "identity" (model type) of a board? I'm a complete newbie, but I was able to get a mkr1010Wifi working OK a couple of days ago. (It posted an incrementing counter so it became visible on my dashboard.) The next day I couldn't make it work again. Then I tried a new Nano IoT 33. Couldn't get it working. But here's my REAL problem or question: Now the mkr1010Wifi "thinks" it is a Nano IoT 33. When the Cloud system reprograms a board to make it IoT compatible, can it also change the apparent "type" of the board? In the Cloud GUI, I may well have accidentally "told" the board that it was a different type (Arduino model). In the Mac Arduino IDE, Tools/GetBoardInfo says that the board is an Nano IoT 33 even when a mkr1010Wifi is actually connected to the USB. Is there any way to reprogram these boards to their factory condition? Thanks.

Yes. The reason is that the USB stack is part of your sketch program on the native USB Arduino boards like the MKR WiFi 1010, so if you upload a sketch with a different compatible board selected then it will cause the board to identify as whatever was selected when you uploaded the sketch.

Yes. You only need to upload a sketch with the correct board selected.

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I have now split the discussion of @geezoid67's issue to a dedicated topic.

We're planning maintenance for our MQTT broker this week. We expect this will improve the reliability of the OTA updates.

I will keep you posted as the new broker version rolls out.

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