board is disabled in IDE board list, how to select

I'm trying to upload a program to my Arduino Micro and am first trying to select my board from the list of boards in the desktop IDE. From what I understand, the Micro needs the "AVR Boards" board to be selected, but in my IDE it is disabled and I cannot select it. My Micro is correctly identified on the COM port. I've tried upgrading the AVR Boards in the Board Manager but that did not enable it. Any ideas?

Also, the web IDE works fine and I can upload the program without any issues.

Look down 7 spots and select Arduino/Genuino Micro.

The "Arduino AVR Boards" in that menu is just the section header text. This is meant to make it easier to read the Tools > Board menu when you have multiple boards packages installed. It's the correct and expected behavior for it to be grey and unselectable.

Look down 7 spots and select Arduino/Genuino Micro.

I swear it wasn't there before! That's what I needed, thank you.