Bobuino2 Must have

Thanks Bob:
I am checking out my new Bobuino2s.

No more memory or ram limitations.
Lots of I/O, a RTC, RS232, level shifting, bread board area, and comes with SD card stuff.

You got me on the Comm1 jumpers but it only took me 30 seconds to pull the shunts.

Even comes with a 5 minute air supply for underwater work :wink:
I was just kidding about the center LED being off shade :slight_smile:

I highly recommend the Bobuino2 PCB to those of you who need a UNO comparable, all in one product with lots of memory.

P.S. We in Canada like 6-32 mounting holes for the stand-offs, but I did have some 4-40s so I guess it’s OK.

Thanks Larry.
6-32 tho, I don't know. That's a mighty big hole.

The COMM1 jumpers, yep, just move them out of the way if not using Serial1 with the RS232 buffer.

#6 screw 32 threads per inch
#6 = 0.1380" (3.5052 mm)

I like how your test equipment there even has some cool "Bob-style" bubble LEDs!

I haven't fired up my Bobduino2 yet, but I've received it in good condition and it looks great.


LarryD was actually the original user for the Bubble display, my cards were from his inspiration. Got to give credit where credit is due! I do like them, they make a nice crisp display.

Your version is very much better.

I am going to try the DIP to 26 pin IDC board adapter, for ribbon cable to the Bubble-Licious


24 pin?
Should work - current flow is very low, so little voltage loss across the cable.
Make sure the ribbon connectors end up looking like 1:1 extender and not flipped around.

It’s a simple board, I have been caught on simple boards before :sweat_smile:
This is what I am going to try, what do you think?

One row of pins on the wire wrap socket is going to be used as one row for the IDC connector.

Have you seen 24 pin IDC connectors? I have lots of 26 pin which would work, just won’t use 2 pins

26 seems to be the norm

Here's a 24 pin board mount:
2x12 IDC DIP PLUG .1"x.6"
(.1"Pin spacing .6"Row spacing)
Attaches directly to PCB
or mates with DIP .1"x.6" socket

Looks like it will work, made 24.
Now to get the Bubble-Licious.

Someone else attached the ribbon cable. :zipper_mouth_face: