Boost Controller

Hi I have a Turbosmart Eboost2 boost controller on my vehicle I want to run gear dependent boost control

To changed boost levels there are 2 wires which when conected to earth they change boost set point

1 not earthed 2 not earthed
1 earthed 2 not earthed
1 not earthed 2 earthed
1 earthed 2 earthed

I was thinking could i use an Arduino to measure engine speed via the engine control unit pulse output and road speed prob from a magnet sensing hall sensor type setup to calculate the gear selected and output to the wires as required

Im really sorry if I come across abit stupid im struggling to get my head around how this all works


Some links would be useful.

This is the boost controller I'm using


This sounds like a completely doable project.

What kind of car are you wanting to do this to? If it's new enough to have obd2, you could tap into that and get the rpm and road speed from that, instead of using the separate sensor (which could get in trouble with wheel slippage).

Without having the device in my hand I can't say the best way to hook up the two wires to the arduino, other than I would not hook them directly to the io pins. For testing you could use some small relays to switch the the signals.

Cheers for the help

No the car doesnt have OBD it is running a GEMS EM36 ECU standalone unit it also doesnt have ABS so no speed sensors except for the hall effect one for my speedo

Im abit worried about programing the unit is it somthing i will pick up easily if i buy a starter kit and work through the tasks?


Here is a link to your GEM ECU GEMS Performance Electronics

Fully programmable with GWv4 software
Upto 12 sequential injector drives
Suitable for naturally aspirated or boosted engines
Anti-lag system with fuel and ignition cutting with ignition retard
Optional drive by wire throttle control
Twin channel variable valve timing
Data logging
CAN and UART telemetry
Adjustable fuel timing for engine speed and load
Auto Mapping - supports dual wideband
Turbo wastegate control
Uneven firing angles
Knock control

CAN bus link
RS422/485 serial data link
In-system programming
512Kb logging memory at up to 250Hz
Timing patterns include: 12-1 (Honda), 12+1
(GEMS), 36-1 (Ford), 60-2 (Bosch), 12
6 x 8Amp ignition drivers
14 x 3Amp outputs
Optional +/- 7Amp bridge driver
14 x 10bit A to D channels
Size: 200x130x41mm
Wieght: 610grams

To use gear position as an input to the Arduino you are going to need switches, or resistor sequence hooked to the shifter action to determine what gear you are in.

Do you have any kind of gear position indicator already?


No don't have at form of gear position sensing at the moment

I was hoping the arduino would be able to input engine rpm and road speed and calculate the gear then output via the 2 boost controller wires?


I am sure the Arduino could calculate the gear being used by comparing engine rpm versus drive shaft rpm. However, I think you may have problems during gear changes when the clutch is being used or if you have much clutch slip. It would be best if you could add switches or sensors to detect gear lever or gear linkage position in my opinion.