Bootloader Mega 2560, Mega 328p

Hi everyone,

I have seen tons of videos of how to load a program into an IC of Mega 328p, the thing is
because of the memory usage i have in my future programs, i need to use one IC of MEGA 2560 and one Mega 328p and i want to use the SMD version of them, so i am not sure if i can load a bootloader and after that load some programs into the SMD version of mega 328p and mega 2560 (the board is not the problem i will make a pcb when trying to program them i just want to make sure)

could some one clear out my doubts? i have 2 Arduino megas and one Arduino nano to try to load a bootloader

These are some of the videos I've seen (sorry my mother tongue is Spanish)

As long as you can handle the soldering, it makes absolutely no difference to this process that the ATmega328P is in the SMD package.

Thanks Dude, right on it then!

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!