both sound sensors faulty? or arduino board. help

ok so i bought an arduino kit and came with Arduino uno, a sound sensor, and a bunch of other sensors, etc. i am trying to get the sound sensor to work properly and then connect that to an LED strip, except i havent got past the sound sensor working stage. My problem is the sensor is always outputting the same values depending on the sensitivity and it does not react to sound. Hence on the serial monitor for the IDE program nothing changes when you make noise or clap. this is the sensor that came with the kid and an example code to test it, i was using the analog code. i rotated the screw(potentionmeter) and still no reaciton to sound, just constant values at the serial monitor screen example: analog 320 digital:1 analog 320 digital:1 analog 321 digital:1

i bought another sensor (3 pins) connected it and still always showing high, but when i turn the screw counterclockwise the LED on the sensor starts dimming, and at a certain point it reads low. however still no reaction to sound, ex: i clap loud next to it and it dosent go from high to low, or low to high. can the problem be the arduino board itself? p.s i did connect a LEd straight from pin 12 to ground with no resistor but only for like 1 minute. or can the problem be the code? thank you im still new to this but im sure i wired it the sensors correctly.

How have you got the module wired to the Arduino and what sketch are you using (digital/analogue)?

You may have damaged the Arduino or pin 12 by not using a resistor.