Sound sensor keeps giving the same value HELP

Hello everybody,

A few days ago I bought a sound/microphone sensor from DX (

I connected the +-pin on the sensor to the 5V-pin on the Arduino, the G-pin on the sensor to a GND-pin on the Arduino and the AO-pin on the sensor to the A3-pin on the Arduino.

I'm using this script to read the value of the sensor on the serial monitor:

int audioSensor = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
audioSensor = analogRead(A3);

But the sensor value keeps being around 35. It does not matter if I'm turning my speakers all the way up or making no sound at all.

What do I do wrong? Or is the sensor broken?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Does the sensor have a potentiometer. Ill need to see the sensor so kindly send a pic of it .
Try to adjust the potentiometer or try removing the delay.
might be itll work or ill try to tell you a new method

It's the sensor in the link:

The description says it has 'sensitivity potentiometer adjustment'.
Isn't that just for the digital output?

I tried turning the screw, but the value didn't change much. :frowning:

try clapping for some time & wait & check again as even i have a sound sensor with only 3 pins and i turned the potentiometer it worked perfectly.
is there any background noise or something?

I picked up one of these from eBay

It looks similar to the one in the OP. I assume we are having the same issue?

It is a DC 3-5.5V Analog Sound Sensor Module Detection Microphone MIC Module for Arduino.

I have tried reading the raw voltage from the board which at first seems to work.

The issue comes with the level of sound.

In a quiet room it bounces around one value. This value can be changed by adjusting the sensitivity or changing the voltage.

I can then put it next to my sound meter and increase volume until it is blaring. The voltage does not change. It continues to fluctuate around the same values. Eg 56.00 and 57.00.

When I flick it or blow on it hard the values jump up. So it is working, it is just terrible at picking up changes in volume.

I have tried lots of examples of sound metering but in the end I have just gone back to outputting the raw values

rawAudio = analogRead(A0);
Serial.println( rawAudio );

In terms of connecting the board there are no instructions so I have gone just with connecting it direct to the board.

It says it runs on 3-5v. I have tried both which seems to give the same results.
Of course increasing the voltage reflects in the output, but this can also be further adjusted using the sensitivity.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or if I should just abandon this sensor?

Ultimately I am after developing a sensor that can graph urban noise. I am open to any other suggestions anyone may have. There is no legal aspect to why I want to graph it. I just like getting stats of things like weather around my house so I thought I could also graph noise. Because of this 100% accuracy isn't a huge requirement, I am just after trend lines.

I gave up on that sensor and purchased this one from a local retailer for $10.

This one is giving me the readings I am after.