Breadboard helper for Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect

I love the RP2040 but struggle with finding the right pin numbers when wiring so made this breadboard helper.

LED's remain visible and the button can be pressed also


Print it out and push the Arduino through the paper on the BLANK side so image below and then fold the sides up...
There are several ways to do this easily, it's worth the effort I think.

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Pretty neat, thanks
and I like that mag connector

Thanks... the Mag connector protects the fragile board :wink:

I have a lot of boards and and no mag connectors. I will have to get some.
My huge complaint is all the different connectors on different board. I will have to see if using mag connectors will help me to eliminate that.

it will... where I bought these you could buy separate Mag connectors. Don't know the vendor but look for the 'most sold' on alie...

I'll check around.

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