break int serial data into smaller parts

hey guys , Im playing around with my first arduino, it is connected to a matrix of LEd lights which I have which I have arranged in serpentine layout … I have created simple patterns like wave form , color paletes and changing brightness(as im a lil comfortable with processing)

I have connected it to max/msp . Through serial connection Im able to send (via max) a series of values … which is received as on long string of numbers .

for example wen i send a message (in Max) - 12 30 45 12
I receive in the serial plotter(in arduino ) - 12304512

I want to receive it as different integers … or unpack it as diff integers and store it differently
i tried the strchr and atoi … but it serial plotter shows random ‘’ ??? 11111 ? messages

processing to MAx is easy with the Osc lib. is there something similar in arduino .

can someone help me send multiple values from max to arduino …
Im using 115200 baud

Serial input basics - updated may prove helpful