If I want to connect to a board wireless which is better BT or WIFI, pros, cons? I am not interested in connecting it to the internet.

Do some research for prons and cons of them.

Do some research for prons and cons of them.

I thought that is what I was doing. Everything I have seen so far tells me there is not much difference between them other that the effective range. I thought I would ask people with experience what they thought about it. Is one easier to connect to? More reliable? etc.

Bluetooth is short range. WiFi you can achieve longer range with access points, repeaters etc.

The question 'which is best?' is meaningless without a specification for what you want to achieve.

It depends on many things. Range, BT will not give you the range of WiFi. How many devices do you want to connect to it and do they have BT capability. Bluetooth and WiFi are both wireless technologies for connecting your devices, but they are quite different. While WiFi is mainly used to connect your devices to the internet, Bluetooth is only used to connect your devices to each other. Most of the Pros and Cons will be based on your application which we do not know at this time.

Additionally to what has been said before.


  • WiFi requires a lot of power and only runs on big batteries for a short amount of time e.g. a day or two on a 18650 cell sending small amounts of data.

  • BLE can run on coin cells for many month.

Data rate:

  • WiFi data rate exceeds the capabilities of creating data of most Arduino compatible boards.

  • BLE has been designed for small amounts of data e.g. a few values per second.


  • WiFi supports IP which supports all kinds of other protocols on top of it. This will allow you to connect to every computer in the world directly and exchange data.

  • BLE uses GATT, which allows exchange of small data packets for single variables or maybe a few. Support on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) is very good, but PC especially Windows not so much.

Because BLE and WiFi are supported on most computing platforms you could make use of both protocols. Your Arduino could switch between the two for specific tasks. The Arduino Nano 33 IoT for instance supports both (not at the same time but in the same program/sketch).

Wifi. You may not wish to connect to the internet now, but as your project evolves, you may change your mind. Blynk, MQTT, who knows?

I would not be surprised if your sawmill environment is electrically noisy - it may turn out that Ethernet is a better option.

Additionally to what has been said before.

What's going on at the other end?
I use Bluetooth Graphics Terminal. It is perfect for my needs, and was the main motivation for getting a smartphone. I am not aware of a WiFi equivalent, but there may be one tomorrow.

I have used in older projects BT communication bettwen arduino mega and a simple terminal apk in my phone.
The project was a simple portable weather station that reads data from a sensor, stores it in it's SD card and it can be acessed from the BT module for simple "checks".
I never had the necessity of change it to a WIFI module, for simple one way communication BT is simpler and better.

I'v never used Bluetooth in any of my projects. But I have some 50 sensors, switches, etc all over my house that communicate with MQTT over WiFi.

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