Burned bootloader ok but I can not upload sketch

I successfully burned a bootloader to a 328p using an arduino as an isp however I get the "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" error when I upload a sketch. I know this is a very generic error but any input would be helpful

What model Arduino board is the ATmega328P in?

1) Make sure you have the proper board selected 2) Make sure you have the proper port selected 3) Make sure nothing else is using the serial port you have selected 4) Make sure your cable works

According to my experience, make sure to check the VCC :)

Breadboard? Auto-Reset.

You need a 100nF between the pin of the DTR/CTS to the RESET of the 328p. If you do not have a cap, you will need to reset it manually (hold reset till your TTL programmer flashes twice and release).

The board gets reset when at sketch is being uploaded to it so it isn't a resetting issue. Its the basic, "Yo I have no idea where I'm going" error.