Burning a hex file directly to Atmega328-pu

I recently purchased aruino uno board, it came with atmega328p-pu ic, it works fine and i have also

programmed it several times. But i want to burn a hex file to atmega328-pu is it possible to burn a hex

file directly without using IDE to the atmega328-pu using arduino-uno ?

You have 2 ways to do that, depending on whether you want to keep the bootloader or not.

If you don't care about keeping the bootloader, you need to have a ISP programmer (such as USBasp, AVRISP or even another arduino). You'll connect the ISP programmer to the ICSP header on your arduino.

If you need/want to keep the bootloader, you may use the serial port as you are already doing. You'll just have to replicate on a command prompt (or shell) the same avrdude command that the IDE is issuing. If you have the verbose upload feature of the IDE turned on, you can see the avrdude command the IDE uses to upload the sketch's .HEX file.

Either way, you'll use a command promp (or shell) and you'll be using avrdude directly.

Actually i have tried the burning hex file using usbasp through progisp it actually burns the file but

whenever i connect to the the board which i am working on the lcd on it shows garbage values and later

when i remove and place the atmega328-pu again on board it doesn't show anything