Burning bootloader atmega2560 using FTDI


I’ve made a custom board that only interfaces standard FTDI. I did not include the ISP connections, because I figured that I could just follow this tutorial:

I followed all the steps, and it still did not upload the bootloader. Attached are the errors I’m getting. The connections are all correct, I believe.

Is there any way I can make that tutorial work and have the bootloader uploaded on the atmega2560? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have waited a month and a few dollars to produce this board.

Thanks in advance


If you look at the tutorial closely you will see this is not burning the bootloader "using FTDI." It is burning the bootloader using an FTDI interface as a makeshift ISP programmer. The connections are made to the ICSP pins of the Arduino. In the example Arduino Diecimila those are pins 11, 12, and 13. That is probably different pins on your 2560. Look at the data sheet or schematic of a Mega 2560.

Hint1: right at the top of her tutorial she is recommending using another Arduino as an ISP programmer which will work faster than her makeshift ISP programmer.
Hint2: right there in your Arduino IDE in the Examples, ArduinoISP it gives you the pin numbers of the ICSP pins for the mega:

// pin name:    not-mega:         mega(1280 and 2560)
// slave reset: 10:               53
// MOSI:        11:               51
// MISO:        12:               50
// SCK:         13:               52

(note: 51, 50, and 52 are the Arduino Mega pin numbers, not the pin numbers of the SMD chip package)

So, you don't need to use an FTDI adapter as an ISP programmer via this bit bang method. Just use an ISP programmer or an Arduino As ISP. If you feel compelled to still use the FTDI as ISP, that would be ok but if I were you I would not favor that method. Just do it for something to learn.

However, I would highly recommend using an ISP programmer or Arduino As ISP first, and then when you know your board can be programmed with a "normal" programmer, go ahead and try the FTDI as ISP.

It will take a really really long time to program the chip, about two hours!

Wow, what if something goes wrong? 2 hours per try? You should get an isp programmer, they are cheap, for example usbasp or usbtinyIsp.

The cheap ones aren't good for 2560s tho.
Use Nick Gammon's bootload installer sketch.

The cheap ones aren't good for 2560s tho.
Use Nick Gammon's bootload installer sketch.
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I forgot to tell that the cheap ones are able to burn at most 64 kB of flash (enough for burning the bootloader at least).