Bus destination sign

Hey. I have been playing around with basic stuff on a arduino at home but I thought for work as I work at a bus depot I could maybe make a led destination sign for one of the buses.

Was wondering if I could do something like this

Have a row of matrix p10 led boards or something like that to display the route
Like in this photo

And have a little LCD with two buttons for back and forwards so we can select the message to display

Thanks in advance

Yes, it's possible. But not easy for a beginner. I would suggest you get a single panel at first and see if you can get that working. If/when you get that far, add a second panel. If you can make two panels work then 4 of 6 should not be much more difficult. Stick to single colour panels. For testing, you will need a separate power supply for the panel, it will draw too much current for the Arduino to supply.