ByVac 10ch 10-bit I2C A-D Converters

Hi all,

Have been playing with ByVac 10ch 10-bit I2C A-D Converters.

Managed to get them working under Arduino (despite the datasheet/code examples being a bit crytic).

Here’s my code, seems to work fine:-

unsigned int AI_RawBV4205[10];

     for (int AIi=0;AIi<10;AIi++){ // scan round all 10 AI channels
         Wire.beginTransmission(0x31);  // join I2C, talk to BV4205 by Addr 31 (7bit) = 62 BV addr.
         Wire.send(0x01);   //select channel command
         Wire.send(AIi);   //ch. 0 to 9
         Wire.send(0x02);   //do conversion
         Wire.send(0x04);   //result of conversion

         Wire.requestFrom(0x31, 2); //get 2-byte
         while(Wire.available() < 1);
         for (int i=0;i<2;i++){
         Wire.endTransmission();       // leave I2C bus 
         AI_RawBV4205[AIi] = ((unsigned int)data[0] << 8) | data[1]; // combine 2 bytes into 1 unsigned int, value 0-1023

And if you want to change the I2C address embedded in EEprom within the BV4205, as follows:

//change address of BV4205 I2C address
//change address from default (0x31) to 0x32
Wire.beginTransmission(0x31);  // join I2C, talk to BV4206 by id
Wire.send(0x99);   //change address command
Wire.send(0x32 << 1);  //new address (7 bit)
Wire.send(0x55);  //check code - do not change
Wire.send(0xaa);  //double check code - do not change
Wire.send(0x31 << 1);  //current address (7 bit)