I just accidentally ground off a surfacemount capacitor with my dremel labeled C106 on my arduino pro mini. I checked the eagle filed and its 10uf. I was able to desolder the remains of the capacitor but does anybody know where i can buy another one to replace it with?

Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 5.26.03 PM.png

Digikey. They have some for about 40¢, but just be careful that you get the right voltage and tolerance, too.

Does anyone know the specs of the capacitor so I can buy the right one? I can't to find anything about it online

Don't know. Maybe if you email sparkfun tech support they can help you out.

Alright ill try that

but just be careful that you get the right voltage and tolerance, too.

It doesn’t matter, I doubt if you could buy a capacitor that would not work in this place.

106 is the value in pF (10x10^6 - ie 10uF). Its C19 on the schematic, the electrolytic decoupling capacitor for Vin. If you are powering via Vcc its not used. I suspect any value from 1uF up ceramic or electrolytic would be fine so long as the voltage rating is enough for your Vin.

Looks like they are using an electrolytic. Mouser has this Ceramic which will work for about 70 cents.


It is 10uF, the same size as the original, and since it is ceramic it is not polarized. This will make soldering it in much easier. Also, since this is a X5R dielectric, I've picked a cap with a very high rated voltage. (Most ceramic dielectrics lose capacitance when a bias voltage is applied to them.)

(In disclosure I picked a Kemet capacitor. I work for Kemet. All comments are mine and not theirs.)