Camera hardwire

Anyone who knows electronics/ audio/video I have a small camera I want to hard wire instead of use the wireless in pic yellow black red from left is directly from power and yellow blue red black on right is from camera to the transmitter. I'm hardwiring it to a long distance transmitter (second pic) idk what the blue wire is for

Did you mean to attach a picture or two ?



Those pictures don't help much, if at all. Are there any annotations on the board ? What type of camera is it ? Have you tried a Google search for a schematic or someone doing the same thing ?

I'd suggest hard wiring it like this:

green >> green white >> white yellow >> yellow red >> red black >> black

if the ribbon cable is oriented upside down you'll either need to flip it over or change to this:

black >> black red >> red yellow >> yellow white >> white green >> green

The idea is to match the colours.

Yea I understand that but there is a blue wire from the board to the transmitter I’m unsure of what it Gos to … But looking closer the red and yellow wire from power connect together on the board of the camera but then a yellow wire from board to transmitter with V next to it of course for video but the blue wire has v next to it as well

Hrrrm, maybe try this:



@merkzila - you should know how this forum works by now. You have a camara type unspecified, connected it to a transmitter, type unspecified and you want to connect it to a transmitter, type unspecified.

All you talk about is the colour of the wires. What sort of answer do you expect? I would expect that you get the sort of answers you are getting.

Hint - electrons do not cair what colour the wire insulation is. Manafacaturers have no agreement as to what colour to use for what signals. So unless you want to give some real information people will continue to take the piss.

Lol well unfortunately I have no star sprinkles or I would…I beleave the blue is audio sense black red for power and yellow video