"camera_pins.h" library

anyone knows how to download this library?


In my note it is in:


RV mineirin

but do you know how to install it?


Do you have ESP32 installed on your IDE?

RV mineirin



It is part of this library:

Click on Code and then on download.

But I think it was installed when you installed ESP32 on your IDE.

RV mineirin

This file is part of an example sketch. It is not in a library that is accessible from any sketch.

You might be used to seeing #include directives used to add resourced from libraries to your sketches. However, sketches can contain header files, and you can use #include directives for those files as well. That is the case with the "CameraWebServer" example sketch. The sketch structure looks like this:

|-- CameraWebServer.ino
|-- app_httpd.cpp
|-- camera_index.h
`-- camera_pins.h

So open File > Examples > ESP32 > Camera > CameraWebServer. You will now have the example sketch that contains the camera_pins.h file open in the Arduino IDE (note that there is a camera_pins.h tab). After that, you can modify the example sketch however you like and save the modified sketch to some convenient location on your computer.

thanks it worked

You are welcome. I'm glad to hear it is working now!

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