Camera Stabilizer with MPU6050 IMU

Hi Guys, I am designing a new camera stabilizer with arduino uno and MPU6050. basically I've finished 4 steps for camera stabilizer. 1:find a I2C address for MPU6050 2:get raw values from mpu 6050 convert to meaningful data. 3:get roll and pitch values from accelerometer and gyroscope. 4:use a Kalman or complementary filter for better result. Finally I would like to implement PID into my system. Do you have any idea how to implement it ?

The MultiWii code implements a gimbal option. You would be able to implement it as is or just use it as an example.

Hello there! Could you do it? I am about to do the same thing and I just found this topic so I wanted to know what happened! Could you find a solution? Any useful information would be highly appreciated :)