Can Arduino Create work without installing a plugin or downloading the app?


I volunteer with an after school program and the girls are using their school provided chromebooks. The school blocked downloads so they cannot install the regular IDE and we have been using Arduino Create, without installing a plugin. This worked for two sessions, but has since stopped allowing them to upload code to their boards. Unfortunately, they are unable to download the app or install the plugins (the school blocked that ability too). I told my colleagues they need the plugin, but they asked that I do further research since it worked prior. I was wondering if we purchase the education package will the girls still need to install the plugin or download the app in order for create to work?


If you "purchase" the EDU package then your IT department will still need to allow the download and installaion of the the package / plugin.

I think you were getting fluffed off by them telling you to do "more research" as all they need to know is on the Arduino website.

Without permissions you are not going to get too far pure and simple.