Can Arduino handle webcam-like processing?

Yes, but coming from a country such as the Philippines, this is one of the available and most cost-friendly way to test the idea out.

Yes, but it's only a suggestion that op can based on to answer the initial question asked. If op chooses to follow through the tutorial and succeeds to replicate a successful result of the tutorial then it ultimately answers the question op asked.

Would it be alright to refer Arduino as an ecosystem as well?


What good is it to invest time and money into a camera (at best) when you want to stream videos?

To test op's ideas if it was feasible. Op would just want to know if his/her idea is possible or not. That's the reason for the post.

So if a still shot works, he learned about video streaming exactly what?

He wants to stream videos, do you know of any examples that do not use an ESP32 or better?

Use the Mega to control your vehicle, maybe later to direct the camera,
when you have established some communication between the two.

That's the cheapest solution that you can find.

I don't know anything about the availability of stuff in the Philippines,
is an ESP32-CAM module available there?

I guess that the examples that refer_pin has come up with show that an AVR Arduino might JUST BARELY be able to "stream" from a video camera to a network connection (for some definition of "stream.")

I feel pretty confident in saying that it can NOT do "image processing" or "facial recognition" (nor any "video compresssion", although perhaps the camera module is doing that? No "decompression", either.) An AVR does not even have enough RAM to hold a single frame worth of VGA-resolution Video in memory.

we do have ESP32-CAM module though i simply curious if it is possible to Arduino Mega which has better size since maybe in the future ill use more components such as PIR sensors, ultrasonic etc. but it is good to know that it is arguably difficult to impossible before i buy one since it maybe a waste. I too knew those videos but i am very sceptic if it is really possible for proper streaming. Thanks~!!

Arduino BLE sense or the new Arduino nanos release

The concern here now is does it have enough processing power to process those sensor data together while streaming data. I think, yes but it will draw a lot of current.

These Arduinos have capable 32 bit CPUs, the ublox modules even contain an Esp32.

So in short, no 8 bit Arduino is capable of any video processing.

I think it can assuming you use the full capability of the atmega chip on it:

132x65 with 15 frames per second from SD card.


I would not call that video processing.

It is not capable of streaming a video in the first place.

Yes, I think I don't consider this streaming after reviewing the project. No decoding was made but it does produce a video nonetheless.

Now going to op's question, can you instead transfer the data from the camera module to the Bluetooth module and transfer that wirelessly to the phone? It's not video processing, right?

Video over Bluetooth? Have you ever seen one?

Again, the ESP32-CAM would be the better solution,
being cheaper than a decent Bluetooth module.

Wasn't referring to video:

but data from the camera module.

since I'm curious only on the camera module data that I explicitly stated

As I already stated, the Mega is a good base for the vehicle, just use the ESP32-CAM for the video.
Both microcontroller development boards are a good choice for their respective task.

I doubt that a 132x64 resolution with 15 frames would satisfy you,
and you would have to add a dedicated 8-bit microcontroller development board to achieve that.

if we use Arduino in case of youtube best webcam here still it work?