can arduino share/mirror screen device

i want to know if there are any way to use arduino in a project to share/mirror screen devices

like this pic :slight_smile:

i donnt mean wireless only any way

An Arduino does not have the speed or capacity to handle images or video - assuming that is what you have in mind.


Copying a still image screen, yes is possible (it is not forbidden by laws of nature)

An Arduino UNO runs on 16 MHz and will need many seconds to copy a screen over Serial, decode it and put it on a OLED or whatever screen.

On the PC (sending) side you need an application that selects the bits from the screen to send to the Arduino and put every pixel in a pixel package consisting of an RGB byte + position + sync + crc + .... So for every pixel you need about 8-10 bytes(1st guess). On the Arduino side you get a pixel package decode that and put it on the screen.

Assuming we can do Serial at 115200 baud == 10KB per second ~~ 1000 pixels per second .
A screen of 256 x 480 has ~125000 pixels so expect 2 minutes at least.
Multiplying that with the Hoffstadter factor (squared of course ) gives about 8 minutes.
Compression is can help to bring it back to (guess) 1 minute.

So forget live video, a still image is best you can do, but I like to be proven wrong :wink:

(better look at a raspberry PI)