Help with Displaying Image on TFT via WiFi Shield

Hello everyone . First of all i have to say that i didn't even touch an arduino before . I have a school project this year to finish . If i simply explain my project :

I need to be seeing an image on TFT LCD screen from arduino , and i need to be doing it via sending data from my PC to arduino itself (wireless connection) . So i will send a picture from pc to arduino wifi shield and viewing it on TFT or whatever u suggest me to use . Like remote controllable LCD panels with internet .

My question is which tools do i need to do this , what should i get and is it possible to do ? And is it possible to do with bigger LED screens if there are any i can connect with arduino . Or do i have to do it with TFT screens .

Thanks .

is it possible to do

Possibly but it is a lot harder than you think. The Arduino UNO has only has 2K of memory, slightly more on other models. This means it can not store anything like a whole image. Therefore you need a display whit it's own display driver and buffer memory. These are expensive.

The Arduino UNO only runs at 16MHz therefore transfer of an image will be slow, the bigger the image the slower it will be.

So i will send a picture from pc to arduino wifi shield

Forget the wireless bit to start with, just use the serial USB connector. But first find your display with it's own controller, before going any further.

First , thanks for your answer . It doesnt matter how slow or fast the image gets there , its enough if i can see it on the screen . I saw this touch shield on the web , and theres an image on it in the ads .

So i think image can be shown there without a problem , right ? Or am i wrong about this . And if i'm right , then i should be able to send a small picture to wifi shield i guess . And i can't download a picture to arduino WiFi shield , and then transfer it to TFT shield ? . I couldn't understand whats the problem here , are u saying that arduino ITSELF can't proccess the image i get from WiFi shield and transfer it to screen ? .

I am dumb and new about this so excuse me please : ) .

That product takes to contents of an SD card and displays it, if the file is in the right format. If you want to just take the file from the PC and display it then yes that is easy enough although not very impressive for a project.

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m trying to do something similar. I want to pick up an image from a web service, save it to the sd card and then display it. Got the displaying working fine however I can’t seem to get a WiFi device that is capable of receiving a full image. Best I have gotten so far is a esp8266 device that gets the first few hundred bytes but can’t get the full image.