CAN-BUS - MC33897 Single Wire Can

I have a device that communicates over a single-wire can that I am trying to interface with.

The chip on this device is a MC33897 ( which is compliant with GMW3089v2.4 (aka: GMLAN )

I thought this would be simple to read, but have come across a snag.

1st- to verify that my code and hardware is functional - I also have a GM vehicle available that I connected to this using just Pin1 (Signal) and Pin5 (ground) on the ODBII port. It worked perfect. I was able to filter messages to just be tachometer, and get only those readings.

Feeling good about my success, I went right to the device. When pressing the button, is see the "rx" light flash on the can board, but the interrupt (INT) never flashes.

I have tried 33.3Kb @ 16MHz (default GMLAN) and 83.3Kb@16/20Mhz, and all the same results. If I drop any down to 8Mhz, then the data overflows, so I know that is to slow.

I also have a usb signal sniffer (SAELEE) and was able to get packet captures, but it was full of frame errors and CRC errors.

One thought I had is that since I have removed the device from its network, that I do not have proper resistance. I am attaching the leads directly to the canbus.

Has anyone had experience this particular chip? Looking for any pointers to make this project work.