Hello Everyone
I am the new man in town so sorry in advance if this is a simple error you have seen twenty timed before.

I am trying to get comms between a pair of MKR Can bus shields and having no luck. I think I have a hardware problem as I cannot see any change in voltage on the Can bus cable when the Transmit program starts to transmit. Also the interrupt flag on the receive program never sets.

Does anyone one know are there any diagnostics I can use in the library which will help to solve my problem. I enclose both programs here, in case there is something wrong I have not spotted.

Any help gratfully received


Dnet_Transmit_Test.ino (1.64 KB)

Dnet_Receive_Test.ino (2.07 KB)

FYI, the MKR CAN Shield has incorrect bottom silkscreen, swapping the CANH and CANL labels. I just spent a few hours trying to debug why I was successfully initializing the MCP2515 but was never receiving any data, despite an external CAN tracker showing that the bus was in fact active. Turns out I had my wires swapped.

Hopefully if this was your problem you haven't been waiting for this answer but maybe this can help someone else searching.

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Hello Everyone,

tried to get MKR WiFi 1010 and MKR CAN working - together with an USB to CAN Bus Konverter (connected to PC, with specific App), I tried to get it Up and running.

1.) I cabled CANH and CANL - no success
2.) added GND - no success


1.) Do I need to connect VIn (7V-24V) on the CAN Board or is it fine with USB Power through the MKR WiFi 1010?
2.) You mentioned, that the labels are wrong on the board - do you have the correct labeling?

Anyone successful with CAN?

Cheers, Tom

Show code that runs on the Arduino.

Provide a link to the documentation for the CAN Bus Konverter.