Can bus


Another CAN Bus' project borning...
(at the moment is in spanish, although the google translator works quite well)


Why didn´t they write english? Bad ... :confused:


at the moment is in spanish

as long as the code is c++ it's ok :wink:

Some of the first examples :

HELLO WORLD!! (MEGA + Diecimila/UNO):



At the moment, everything is in spanish, but google translator works not so bad....


If someone have curiosity to see how a standard CAN trace is, I´ve just connected my logic analyzer to the bus between 2 Arduinos.

I´ve added more captures and some notes (FAQ 14) => SECUduino: FAQ (use google translator).




I´ve hacked some messages from the confort can bus (Volkswagen):


Window Control:

The example is a time control, but I´ve the position feedback message.


Igor R.


Eduard has sent us a new hack to control his Seat Leon's FIS:

You can find all the info => SECUduino: FIS: Seat Leon Cupra


Neat stuff, makes me wish I had a modern vehicle.


Now, using a basic Finite State Machine's library, we have done this "Chrono Starts".

The test was 0 to 30 kph to avoid go to jail while I was testing the new toy... :wink:

More info => SECUduino: "Chrono Starts": Measure your 0 to 100 kph time



Our friend Seth has sent us more info about his fantastic project: CD charger emulation (Saab).

More info => SECUduino: Emulate a CD changer for old generation Saab 9-3's