Can I connect IR sensor to any digital pin?

Hello!! I have a dilemma here. I have an Arduino Uno Board and I have most on my pines already occupied. I've noticed that IR sensor connected to other digital pin than 2 or 3 does't work correctly. Is this normal? Or I should be able to conect the sensor to any digital pin? Can I use an analog pin for the IR sensor?

Which IR sensor ? a link or the data sheet would help.
If you have seen Pin 2 and 3, that might be because the code uses external interrupts but we don’t know t(e code either….

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This means that your IR library uses an interrupt that is available on an Uno only on these pins.

Try a different library that allows to use any digital pin. But an IR library uses a timer for both sending and receiving what may cause problems with your other libraries as well.

can you tell me which library I should install in order to use other digital pins as well?

I couldn't find the name of the sensor. I have this link if helps:

Which library did you install?
Eventually use the old IRremote library from the Library Manager in case the new version doesn't work for you.

allright, I'll try to do this. Thank you!!

You are limited by hardware rather than software. Uno has only 2 pins (2 and 3) that use external interrupt which is needed for efficient processing of IR signal. Try freeing any of these pins, I doubt you can find library that would allow you to use any pin

i have a problem....I discovered that pin 3 doesn't work properly

the IR sensor is connected to it....and it behaves like it would detect motion all the time. But when I move it to 2 pin, it works normally. Do you think you could tell me what's happening?

What you have is a proximity sensor.

  • The effective distance range of 2cm to 80cm
  • A preset knob to fine-tune distance range
  • If there is an obstacle, the indicator lights on the circuit board.

If the indicator LED on the sensor board is on all the time, try adjusting the sensitivity control.

The pin could be damaged or something else is using it

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